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Sentinel Government Affairs (Sentinel) provides expertise on a wide range of public policy issues to its clients. The services offered by Sentinel includes government relations, business development and promotion, coalition building and management, issues-advocacy, image management, strategic communications, and research support.

Sentinel has a global reach with professional contacts in Australia, Canada, most of the EU member nations, and the United Kingdom. Sentinel works with its Strategic Partner, Holstein | Gray in Canada, to magnify both its services and impact on issues throughout the United States and Canada.


Steve Nichols, the President of Sentinel Governmental Affairs, is a Government and Public Affairs professional with over 30 years of experience with insurance and public policy issues. His professional interests include business and economic development, healthcare policy, gas and oil, insurance, international trade, renewable energy, and national security policy.


Steve Nichols serves as a strong advocate on legislative and regulatory issues for his clients and has a long track record of successfully advocating on behalf of his clients.  

No issue or business development opportunity is too big nor too small for Sentinel to tackle. Put your trust in Sentinel and let us help you succeed. 

Learn more about Steve Nichols HERE

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Steven W. Nichols, President

Sentinel Governmental Affairs


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Telephone #: (512) 786-3946

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