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Consultation Services

Whether your business or organization seeks to improve it current operations, expand its services, build or acquire an insurance vendor company, Sentinel Governmental Affairs (Sentinel) will provide you with the highest quality of consultation services to save you time and to ensure that you are successful at all that you do.

Sentinel can provide you with regulatory consulting services and link your business or organization to our “go to” law firm, Stone Loughlin Swanson in the areas of health and workers’ compensation insurance regulation if you need that extra touch.

We have excellent knowledge of and working relationships with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), TDI's Division of Workers' Compensation, insurance industry professionals, the Texas legal community, and stakeholder groups that we can leverage to assist you with your business operations, expansion and navigation of the very complex insurance and workers' compensation regulations.

Contact Steve Nichols, President of Sentinel Governmental Affairs, at to learn more about our consultation services.

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